Articles dans des revues à comité de lecture

A. Luci, J. Jütting, C. Morrisson (2012): "Why do so many women end up in bad jobs? A cross country assessment for developing countries." forthcoming : The European Journal of Development Research.

A. Luci, O. Thévenon (2012): "Compensating the (multidimensional) costs of children: What implications for policies supporting families in Europe?", forthcoming: Population Research and Policy Review.

A. Luci (2009): "Female labour market participation and economic growth. " International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, Vol. 4, nos 2/3.

A. Luci (2010): „ Finanzielle Familienunterstützung und deren Auswirkung auf die Arbeitsmarktbeteiligung von Müttern in Deutschland und Frankreich. Hat Frankreich die Nase vorn? " Journal of Social Policy Research (Zeitschrift für Sozialreform) 56 (2010), Heft 1, S. 3-28. (English title: Financial assistance to families and their impact on mothers’ labour supply in France and Germany. Is France ahead?)


Articles dans des revues sans comité de lecture

A. Luci, O. Thévenon (2011): "A reversal of fertility trends in OECD countries: the role of economic development." Population & Societés, septembre 2011 

A. Greulich (maiden name of A. Luci) (2008): « Les politiques familiales en France et en Allemagne. Quelles différences ? Quelles pistes de réforme ? » , Horizons Stratégiques n° 7, Centre d’Analyse Stratégique du Premier Ministre, France (2008). (English title: Family policies in France and Germany. What differences, impacts and reforms?)

Rapports de recherche

O. Thévenon, A. Luci, M.T. Létablier, A. Math (2009): The costs of raising children and the effectiveness of supporting parenthood policies in European countries: A Literature Review .”, for the European Commission (2008).

J. Fagnani, A. Math, C. Meilland, A. Luci (2008) : «La comparaison des politiques en direction des familles dans 12 pays européens. L’exploitation d’une base de données de ménage ou cas-types.», for the French Family Benefits Office (CNAF) (2008).                                                                                              (English title: A comparison of family policies in 12 European countries based on household surveys.)

Contributions scientifiques

D. Kucera, T. Xenogiani, edited by  J. Jütting and J. de Laiglesia (2009): “Women in informal employment. What do we know and what can we do?,” in “Is Informal Normal? Towards More and Better Jobs in Developing Countries.” OECD Development Centre (2009).

Bothfeld S., Greulich A. (maiden name of A.Luci), Horn G., Leiber S., Logeay C., Rietzler K., Schäfer C., Schulten T., Seine B., Seifert H., Truger A. and Zwiener R. (2006): „Kombilöhne – Zwischen Illusion und Wirklichkeit.“, IMK Report Nr. 8 (2006).                                                                                     (English title: Wage subsidies – illusion or reality?)